Award Name Description
Referred over 10 members. Referred over 10 members. Get this reward when you refer over 10 members to
Referred over 25 members. Referred over 25 members. Get this reward when you refer over 25 members to
Referred over 50 members. Referred over 50 members. Get this reward when you refer over 50 members to
Coder Coder Show proof that you are a coder and get this award.
GFX Artist GFX Artist Show proof that you are a graphic artist and get this award.
CPA Network Owner CPA Network Owner Get this reward for proving that you are a CPA Network owner.
Water Superpower Water Superpower 100 Posts
Fire Superpower Fire Superpower 350 Posts
Facebook Promoter Facebook Promoter Put this as your Facebook Status update: Want to earn from CPA? Join the Best CPA Forum and learn the secret ways to earn online.
Invincibility Superpower Invincibility Superpower 1,000 Posts
God Superpower (Black Username) God Superpower (Black Username) 5,000 Posts
Defender Defender If you report members and posts and we act on them on a consistent basis, you will earn this award.
Lightning Superpower Lightning Superpower Put's Banner in your signature in another CPA/PPD forum.
Ninja Superpower Ninja Superpower Refer an Established Network to become a Premium network on CPAHero and gain the Ninja Superpower!
YouTube Promoter YouTube Promoter Create a YouTube video showing the reasons why someone should join and get this award.
Skype Promoter Skype Promoter Put this as your Skype Status Update: Join Content Locking CPA/PPD forum. Black hat and white hat niches, promotions methods, guides and more.
Member of the Month Member of the Month Member of the month trophy!
Guard Guard Report over 100 posts successfully and get this reward.
CPAHero Staff CPAHero Staff For staff members of CPAHero
Learner Learner This award is not available yet.
CPAHero CPAHero Earn 100,000 Points. Inventory value is included.
Active Hero Active Hero Member Actively Contributing on CPAHero
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