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So after a bit of thought i have decided to add a new sub forum to the Landers & Website Design Section.. 

Reason being: 
Its so to make CPA page with wordpress, i guess there's many things you can do with wordpress and you don't need to be code savy to use it! its also great for Adsense ect..

Please feel free to add any themes you have and feel good to share.
Posted by: Admin
So i was a little bored lastnight and added some icons to the forums..

Feel free to tell me what you think Smile

Posted by: Admin
We have added some new bonus items to the shop to make your profile look a little more snazzy!!

Shop items show next to your name in a post and also in your profile! You can even send items to friends!

Check out the shop by Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites. or By clicking on "Shop" in the top right menu.

Posted by: Admin
Hello Everyone!!

So last day or so i have been working on a new theme thats bit more up to date and easier too understand.

Be sure to leave a comment below let us know what you think!
Posted by: Admin
Hi Heroes,

I am sure you all are already aware of that CPAHero is going through an upgradations phase now. So there are some issues you may face while browsing the forum. We are working on resolving the problems. I'd request you to notify us whenever you encounter any difficulty or error.

Image not showing or showing as link

[Image: Issue1.png]

>> Go here: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.
>> In 'Thread View Options' tick 'Display images in posts'

[Image: solution.png]
Posted by: Dol14
We have updated the forum to help the speed of the site, in doing this is has caused a lot of issues that need to be fixed, if you find any issues please feel free to let us know so we can inprove them.

Posted by: Admin
Hi Heroes,

Since last few weeks we were facing some issues with CPAHero email functionality. It affected...
>> Email notification.
>> User activation.
>> Newsletter serving.

The issue is resolved now and the email server is in full-function mode. Thanks to @peacekeeper for taking necessary actions from backend.
Please report here if you are still facing any issue.
Posted by: Dol14
Did you know, you get lots of benefits when you Refer anyone on CPAHero?

[Image: 0KsfMgP.jpg]

Well, let me show you...

1. You get 100 Points per confirmed Referral.

2. You get 5 Points each time your Referral replies or opens a thread.

3. You get CPAHero CROWNS for referring certain number of Referrals...
--> a. [Image: crown.png] Green Crown : When you Refer 10 Confirmed Members
--> b. [Image: crown2.png] Silver Crown : When you Refer 25 Confirmed Members
--> c. [Image: crown3.png] Gold Crown : When you Refer 50 Confirmed Members

4. You get awards for different referral gaining activities like... YouTube Promoter, Skype Promoter, Lightning Superpower, Facebook Promoter etc.

Find more details here : Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.
To claim the award, request here : Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.

So, what are you waiting for!! Ask your Friends to Join with your Referral Link.
Find your Referral Link:
--> Go to UserCP : Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.
--> Your referral code is just below your Referral Banner. It looks like: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.

WARNING: Do not try to Fake the system... You may Loose Your Account.
Posted by: Dol14
Hi Heroes,

Now you can share threads you liked with your friends / colleagues / associates.... the social share buttons are added at the top-right of each thread.
Posted by: Dol14
Hi All!

It's been a bit since the last update and we wanted to do something big.

We added a bunch of items to the shop which you can buy using your points! To see these items just click on Shop under your profile drop down menu.

We also added the CPAHero Award. You can get this award when you have accumulated 100,000 points on CPAHero. Items purchased from the shop are counted towards your overall value. So for instance if you have 70,000 points and you also own the Tank item which is worth 30,000 points, then your value is 100,000 points.

Also keep in mind that you can sell/return any shop item any time you want for 100% of the value you bought it for. So if you decide one day that you would rather have the points than the item, you can do that. You can also sell one item and buy another just to keep your profile looking fresh.

To CPA Networks who wish to advertise on CPAHero, please contact @Dol14 .

Hope you all enjoy the recent additions.
Posted by: Dol14
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