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#1 GSA Software Training ***Special For Newbie and Expert***
#1 GSA Software Training ***Special For Newbie and Expert***

[Image: 2014_04_09_0550.png]



Sever connection and installations

Gscraper configurations finding targets

All about proxies

Kontent machine 3 building content

captcha breaker configurations

GSA global settings

GSA project settings


Bonus video

Lessons learned- FAQ

Name Product: Jimmy Kelley – GSA Software Training

Market price: $497

Author: Jimmy Kelley

Size: 225MB

Website: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.

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WOW - This is really a nice contributionSmile
Hope I will be able to get this one and that it works.

Many thanks - highly appreciated
I think it will be fantastic one.. if this course teach well, all of will be very happy
I have been using GSA SER for a few months and I already see how useful it can be to me and other GSA users.


Just a quick tip for all that I have gone through this training (videos) and can confirm that it is for starters and newbies to GSA SER.

IMHO for those having some sort of success with SER will not learn anything new from it !
Wow big size.
Thank u anyway bro for sharing the article.
Thank you for this course I will sure use it right!
Thanks for this ourse brother.I have unlocked it.
Are you sure links still working? I cant download it :(
Thank you for sharing. i will test now
Seems nice to me i will spent 25 points and try it
This Account has Bandwith Limit
Hello guys how to download this i got Bandwidth Exceeded.
Many thanks - highly appreciated
I want to use this soft so this tutorial will help me.
Thank you a lot for your post. I truly thank you
Thanks. Can't download from as its run out of bandwidth
I can't open this url, This website jusst loading
This Account has BandwidthMoney Limit
Great share thanks for this video matrial, GSA training always welcome.
Thank you for this course... I truly thank you ...
Traffic exceeded.. we cannot download today...Should we go premium?

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