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My Journey in PPI to $20/Day
Looking forward to this journey. Keep us updated
Nice!!! congrats ... very helpful .. thanks!
Good luck man from austria .... !!!
Good luck on your journey bro. BTW you should probably switch networks, I used perinstallbucks for a while and they were paying alot less than most other networks, but they are the only ones that pay daily so, If you are with them for that then it's your choice.
Hi, good luck with your journey. I'm gonna watch. Smile
Good luck, you can do it :D
You did not think about cpa?
Goodluck on your journey
PPI is better than CPA due to high conversion rate however take considerations viruses and chrome blocking sometimes
you should check your links every time or you will send traffic to a red wall.
Good luck with your journey man. Smile!
Good luck bro Smile method please!
All the best bro. Hope you succeed.Smile))
(12-07-2014, 10:55 PM)dontfckcare Wrote: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.Hello everyone,
The first I want to say is sad but I'm a very lazy person :(
I had working with PPI 6 months ago with Media-Kings, but not completely success, I only got $500 for 5 months.
So now, I want to back again with PerInstallBucks and Black hat (BH) niches.
I create this thread to keep my motivation! I'll update everyday


Everyday? So how's it going? It's been a while since you gave an update.
Hello and good luck with journey if you work little hard you can earn more than 20$ you can win 50$ if you learn little seo and you make the blogs and videos little seo optimized
Good luck with your journey and keep updating it if you have time
Good luck with your journey. keep success
Good luck with your journey friend
Good luck mate Smile but will you explain how much BH videos u will make ? bcz black hat videos got flagged and banned very quick ? did you ever tried white hat niches and setnforget method ?
Good luck ! What PPI network do you use?
Well, even this is a old thread, but goodluck bro, I have never tried PPI.
Footinmouthgood luck with your journey
How are you doing? Have not heard from you since. Any latest update?
Whats is HMA to create youtube accounts? plz tell

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