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This niche made me 20$/Day
Thanks buddy for sharing this great niche, I am trying it now and hope to see good and better results.. My maximum earnings from any niche that I received was 25$ per day, I tried it with french niche..
Thank you so much man, gonna use it soon
I think to make a video on this niche we will have to buy some Skype Premium credits as proof..Smile Or we can use Skype Credits Accounts Giveaway...isn't it?
Very interesting niche... Never though about it, and I am a very heavy user !!!
Thanks for the niche, it's not too bad but a bit saturated
Every free generator makes cash, just look for one which don't got so many people using it.
Free Facebook Coins generator will get you more. I nearly downloaded 20 tools but all fake or too much locks.
Thank you, really good way to earn money.
True that all of mine make money but some make more than others. mainly from over saturation
Thanks for sharing & contributing
Thanks for the share bro hope it will work...
Sorry.. bu i don't get your point ? can you describe it clearly ?
Thanks ill try this niche, i always got ban my account on youtube ,same like you hehe
Niche one but youtube take these down so fast lol
Well it was a good niche, but i made less money from that, i appreciate you for not locking the content.
That is a cool niche bro, will try it.
Good content really love think i will upload more videos
Thank you for your post this is a smart idea,
never thought of it thanks - T
Really i dont know how to unlock content .. guide me please
Thank you very much i will try this nitch as soon as possible

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