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[HOT] 1000 Youtube views in 1 minute!
Hello, i want share this great method ^_^ How to create real human views every day, for free, without search engines! minimum 1000 views every day!

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Am i the only one who feels like this is good
Is it kind a bot or what? bots are identified directly in yt
(11-16-2015, 09:41 AM)gonis Wrote: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.Is it kind a bot or what? bots are identified directly in yt

Hi, its absoloutly real humans, not bots
Guyys is it worth unlocking please comment
Lol qqtube i know this site. will try tor bot ^^
It's qqtube... know it buddy..................

btw ... thanks for share.................
It is real or fake.I want to unlock it.

I have done the work and waiting for result.
Thanks mate .... is this website bring real views ??
Please someone review it so that i cant waste my points

please don't unlock this method this method includes qqtube and tor browser for getting 1000 free views on qqtube you need to follow them on twitter plus you need to like them on facebook and you have to do more task this method is not so effective because from where you will bring lots of twitter accounts
Thanks it is working for me .permanent view
But Iwant Know..
How You skip "Step 3: Follow us on twitter and make a tweet!"
make new account twitter?
or just one twitter?
I've used this site for 2 years ago. It's now going bad.
Anyone tested it working.... :( low credit
Is it worth it? any one can tell us?
The site is not very well developed, indeed, your method is so simple :o
Tis is oldmethod indeed i try it in past itwas working great
Good inset, get down to test. Curiosity only if youtube does not recognize this as bots and not subtract these views...
This site is site sell view and i think this view is not real view
It works or is it a fake?? Please write some comments...
Is dis really a real human? i dont want mah akun banned.

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