Coin Generator Hybrid Faucet, Upto 30000 satoshis/hour
At least 2700 satoshis per hour with the start building.

You can upgrade your buildings - depositing or claiming faucets and then investing.

Daily bonus rewards - since your account has at least 0.001 BTC.

Minimum deposit is 0.00000001 BTC - 1 satoshi - and minimum withdrawal 0.001 BTC - 100000 satoshis.

Pay directly, automatically and instantly to your Bitcoin wallet.

v More advantages

Domain name for 5 years (whois),
high performance dedicated server,
advanced faucet script,
unique concept, interesting features,
powered by,
SSL secured by Comodo, experienced team in cryptocurrency,
expert web developers, full responsive & mobile adapted, daily events & giveaways,
many profitable ways to earn money, entertaining & addicting game, long-term project, 24/7 online support, real ad revenue

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Coin Generator
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