Pinterest+OgAds-Is it working?

At first, sorry for my English. It isn't my native language .

I am from Poland, and I am making some money on Instagram with OgAds. In my country Pinterest isn't popular, so I want to be better than my compatriot, and use popular Polish niches on Pinterest.
How can I use Pinterest to promote CPA (especially OgAds)?
Is MassPlanner working on Pinterest, and how many accounts can I add?
Do you have any guides and tips/journeys for me with Pinterest+OgAds?

Greetings from Poland
thanks :D
Just you have to choose offers related to your profile's niche. Then start pining in your boards your links (cloaking or LP)
It would be really difficult to convert Pinterest traffic with Content locking offers,you have to try other combinations
Make those niches worldwide not just for Poland ppl (write them on English) you'll have bigger chance to make some decent money. You can use that Pinterest acc to build other social accounts (IG, FB page etc) grow them and monetize it later Smile

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