Hello Guys!
Never introduced myself. I use this board on a daily basis. My name is Alex from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Hi there, canada is a great place.. i'm from germany Smile
Hello, im kinda new here too. The forum seems really nice place with a lot of experts. I cant post a new thread now, but hello from Bulgaria, i was involved in SEO business in the last 3-4 years, but since 1 year im into programming and computer science. I used to make a lot of money with scrapebox and some other automated tools, when was their peak( had a website for services ) Also had a website on rank 1 about "softcore movies" and used to have CPA for some usa premium watch website. Good days :D .
Anyway now im looking to go back into CPA, have a great ideas, spend a lot of time in research, etc, just want to learn and share anything with You guys.
Welcome! I'm from Canada as well. Preparing for the snow now...lol
I live in Los Angeles. No snow here @Asmodeus :3

love the warm weather and easy trip into the desert and LANE SPLITTING for motorbikes :3

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