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DISPLAY LESS ADS FOR MORE MONEY!!! STOP DRIVING AWAY VISITORS! DISCOVER A NEW AND IMPROVED TYPE OF LAYER AD WITH ADOVERLAY YOU WILL DRASTICALLY INCREASE YOUR REVENUE FROM YOUR WEBSITE. Most of the websites are acceptable (Mainstream & Adult) as long as they comply with our terms of service and regulation.

We strive to deliver what others can’t, results. We hope for a world where there would be no bot / generated traffic and where publishers convert 1 out of 10 visits on their websites. We treasure quality over quantity and by doing that we improve all user experience while surfing the web. Before, you needed 4-5-10 ads to monetize your page, now you only need 1.

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Unlike most ad networks, ADOVERLAY cares about how visitors feel about the ads and the impact the ads have on their browsing experience. We at ADOVERLAY understand that the visitors are the bread and butter of our business therefor instead of annoying or spamming them with ads we ask for insights and feedback in order to improve our ad delivery system.

ADOVERLAY is the first ad network that interacts with visitors directly through our feedback forms. Our staff constantly receives insights from people that visit the websites of our publishers, and based on that we continue to improve ourselves and our services. Unlike traditional ad formats our approach will maximize the results for our advertisers therefor rocketing the revenue of our publishers.

Forget about ad spaces, sizes or complicated coding, one line of code is everything you need for you to generate the maximum revenue possible from your pages while maintaining your page design intact. It is well known that ads will generally reduce the engagement of your visitors and increase the bounce rate of your website.

Stop making your website load endlessly because of banner ads or open countless other windows that annoy your visitors. An ADOVERLAY add will generate better results than any other.

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Company Name: ADOVERLAY
Minimum Payment: $1
Commission Type: CPM, CPA, CPS, CPL, CPI
Payment Frequency: Daily (After Request)
Payment Method: PayPal, Wire
I'm not sure I fully understand, are these lightbox ads that open the second the user enter my website?

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