[NO LOCK] Earn Upto 5$ Per day
At First,Bear in mind that I am not working on this project anymore.I am now doing Adult CPA To earn.When I was a newbie I used to follow this method and earned a lot of money.But because of Update I have changed website and some techniques too.When I was working on this method,I used to earn 6$+ a day.

Why This Method is For Newbie and Why This Method is Good?
→ First,As A newbie You need to learn how to get visitors and what kind of visitors can you pick.And You will know that if your visitor is available for conversion of CPA Or not.And this method is good because it can be a training for your visitor attraction.Money Making on Internet depends on Traffic.So,With this Method,You will learn how to catch them

Before Started You Need to Sign Up In Two Website -

Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.

Let Me make a review First For these Sites.

Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites. : A Link Shortening Website where You can shorten Links and Earn Via Promoting shorten Links.You Can Join Here For Free.Just Need to do registration to get in.Things that make it best -
-Highest CPM But Low Ads
-24/7 Dedicated Support System
-Daily Payments With Paypal
-Pays For All Country Even Island.This is The great feature and You won't lose a single penny

File-Upload : It is file hosting service to generate massive income. All you have to register on their site, upload files and share with others. When others download your files, your account will start generating money automatically. Things that make it best -
-Highest CPM Like PaidGator
-Daily Payments With Paypal
-Minimum Withdraw is Only 1$
-Pays 3$ For TIER 3 Country

So,I Have showed the advantage of these two sites.Now You can understand Why I have used this.You Can use other website instead of these.But Sure that You Won't be able to make that much money.

Your First Step Is To Join In These Two Site before get started.If You Have joined then lets Go.


Message:if You Think That Traffic can be generated by any Tool or Software then it is wrong.Mind it,You can't do anything in your life with fake traffic and Bot made traffic.You need to deal with Real and Human Traffic.So,Don't be idle.Just work harder or think smarter.If You are unable to work harder then add some twist on this method and if You can't work smarter than do hard work.


At First Register on File-Upload and Then Login.After Login Upload a Song.Song must be latest and popular.Better To find on Youtube for popular Music.Download one from Youtube or from anywhere you can.After Uploading on File-Upload,You will get a link For Your File.Copy That.

Now Register on Paidgator and login.Then Put Your Long URL That You have got in FileUpload.You will get a short URL in instant.Now You Need To Share This Link.

Now Create a Fake Account on Facebook or go with Real Account if you haven't any problem.Enter in many groups you want.Specially which is open and have no approval system.When Searching a Group use keywords- Song,Latest Song,Song Lover etc. Join In all Groups that You have got in result.Now Share Your Link That You have got from Paidgator.Beside You need to send some friend request daily to make Your FB Account Popular too.

If You get about 1000 Visitors On Your Link Then You can easily make 5$ a day with File-Upload and PaidGator.com . Because They Pay High and send daily payments.1000 Visits is not so hard to generate in a day.Just scale this up as much as You can.It's better to work on this method if You don't want to make your own website.

Remember That,If You want to get free traffic then Social Media is The Only Way and This is the method which is the best to use.If you think,This is not method then okay.But I deserve a thanks from you for publish these two legit networks.Especially Paidgator.com

[center]3 Days Ago,I Have Tested This Method Again :D

PaidGator Stats And Payment Proof

[Image: hMgN6mW.png]
[Image: KXPjqC9.png]

File-Upload Stats And Payment Proof

[Image: bu6vDZl.png]
[Image: PA6yxDQ.png]

Share It To Save Newbie[/center]
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