30+ HELPFUL SEO TOOLS – The Complete List
[30+] SEO TOOLS – The Complete List
Hi Members, Good luck to everyone. We all are revolving around the word SEO . We’re constantly trying to improve our SEO and content marketing effectiveness. Today, I have compiled a list of best SEO tools to have at your fingertips . Hope this ultimate list will assist you in finding new opportunities, save time, and keep tracking of how your SEO can be boosted.
I revealing the most important tools for SEO based on these categories,
Keyword Search Tools
Keyword research is what the SEO campaign begins. Here is a list of tools which assist you in performing a good keyword research.
Google Keyword Planner – It’s a tool that allows you to find the right keywords for display ads, search ads, and video ads.
Keyword revealer – It’s a keyword tool which displays easy-to-rank terms with low difficulty scores. Once you’ve found keywords, you will be able to view the difficulty score of each phrase.
Keywordtool.io – It’s an effective tool which generates a list of long-tail keyword suggestions.
SEMrush – This tool allows you to get long-tail keywords and to gather phrase matches and related keywords.
KWFinder – It’s the best keyword tool which helps to generate 100s of long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty.
Long Tail Pro – It’s the best and most effective keyword tool for researching long-tail keywords.
Ubersuggest – You can get tons of free keyword ideas with this tool.
Ahrefs (Keywords Explorer) – It helps to find thousands of keywords to rank, and you can analyze the ranking difficulty too.
Moz keyword explorer – It helps to prioritize the best keywords to target.
Keyword.io – This is a great keyword research tool helps to discover long-tail keywords.
Wordstream (Free keyword tool) – It’s a free keyword tool for guest users which provides free keyword research.
SpyFu – This is another great keyword research tool which helps to research keywords.
Grammar Checker Tools
Good quality content without any grammar mistakes makes sense to the readers. The following tools help to check the grammar of your content.
Grammarly – It’s an online proofreading tool that checks the text for grammar, punctuation, and style, and features a contextual spelling checker.
Ginger – Another popular grammar checker that will correct any mistake you make in your content.
Plagiarism Checker Tools
Unique content plays a crucial role in the search engines. Use the following tools to ensure whether your content is plagiarized or not.
Copyscape – It’s a plagiarism checker that allows you to detect duplicate content.
Small SEO tools (plagiarism checker) – This is another effective and free tool which helps to check whether similar text appears elsewhere on the internet.
Link Building Tools
Building backlinks are important to SEO. We can do it manually and by using tools. These tools will help you in link building.
GSA search engine ranker – It’s the best link building automation tool. It creates quality backlinks for you based on your set of rules like submitting to high page rank websites or skip the submission on web pages with too many outgoing links.
Scrapebox – This is another effective tool for link building.
Backlink Checker Tools
We are building backlinks to our website effectively. At the same moment, we should check how valuable our inbound links are. These tools help to check your website’s backlinks.
SEMrush (website backlink checker) – It’s a tool which helps to check your website for backlinks, including no-follow links, and aids to find out all about competitor's backlinking.
Ahrefs – It’s one of the best backlink checker tools from which you can get a complete backlink analysis.
Majestic backlink history checker
– It’s an effective tool to detect the number of backlinks to your site.
MoonSearch – It’s a free backlink monitoring tool which checks how many backlinks are indexed.
SEO spyglass – This is another good backlink checker tool which provides good results.
OpenLinkProfiler – This tool helps you to get the overall idea of backlink influence.
Monitor Backlinks – It’s one of the popular SEO tools to track link profiles.
Page Speed Checker Tools
Page Speed is another factor to consider. You can analyze loading speed from these tools.
GTmetrix ( gtmetrixdotcom/ )
– Analyze your site’s speed with this effective tool.
Pingdom ( http://toolsdotpingdomdotcom/ ) – It’s another great tool for analyzing your website speed.
WebPagetest This tool allows you to run a website speed test so you can know your site’s speed.
Website Rank Tracker Tools
Tracking your keyword rankings is important while performing SEO. These tools will help to track your search engine keyword rankings.
SERPlab – This tool helps you to check your search engine ranking position in a quick and accurate way.
SERPbook – It’s a good tool in providing rank tracking reports.
SERPbuddy – It’s a web-based search engine rank tracker which gives you hourly accurate updates to your SEO keyword rankings.
SERPcloud – The best way to track your website’s rankings in search engines.
Pro Rank Tracker – This is the most comprehensive tool which helps in SEO rank tracking.
Hope, this massive list will help everyone to improve their SEO. If I missed any important and effective tools, please let me know, I’ll add it in the near future.
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