[METHOD] Get ANY font you want for FREE (NO LOCK)
This is a very simple way of finding fonts that you would normally have to pay hundreds of dollars for - for free. You may already know this but if not then - enjoy!

I have never NOT found the font I need this way.

Step one - find out the name of the font you require in this example Avenir that costs a whopping £303 for the full set!!
[Image: vql5qo.png]

Step two - Go to Google and search "github" fontname.ttf:
[Image: 1z6gvpe.png]

Step three - So many choices! Click the one you want and you will land on the github page and simple click download:
[Image: outsvn.png]

If you are after all the version click on the fonts folder in the breadcrumbs and you will see all of them!
[Image: 200tf8w.png]

If you found this useful thank me :D !!
Yes,i have tested this system,it is really magic!!!!!!!!!!
I've also tested this method, I can garantuee its function.
Great share op. Can confirm that this works. Thanks
(05-21-2017, 07:03 PM)Stivie Knows Wrote: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.Great share op. Can confirm that this works. Thanks

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Great share my friend. this method is working. Thanks
Wow, it's funny and brilliant, though apparently, lol ==)))
Wow , cool trick to get free fonts , thanks a lot mate for sharing this
How much fonts usually cost? what is the normal price? do they all cost the same?
This is the neatest trick ever, it has not failed me yet

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