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Reviews From Users

Quote:I was the first one to purchase the original offer from Tom. My App is called Cash Ignite and it ranks well for many keywords in Google Play. When I got an email about the lauch of the PTT Business package, it instantly grabbed my attention and I realized that this is going to be a success and it's a great opportunity for me to not miss. So I purchased right away.

I've been a customer of AppyGen for over a year and I'm very satisfied with the products and the support provided by Tom and his staff.
Now, after the purchase of the PTT Business offer I was impressed even more.
The product is brilliant, the support is outstanding and the price beats them all. I have published my app in August and all this time the PTT Staff has been guiding me in the right direction providing the best support possible and teaching how to start, run and grow a serious business.

Finally, to add some "value" to this honest review I decided to post a screenshot from one of the networks where I have made $697 in one week:

Hats off to you, Tom, and good luck!!
Let the others to benefit from it too

Quote:I had the chance to buy the app a while ago and this is a really great business. Tom has been really great at support and the product is quite good.

I am no newbie at cpa. I sell a cpa network script and i know about this business. I am also an android fan and know about apps.

When i saw that opportunity, i knew it was something valuable. Combine a part of my business (CPA) and something I like (android OS). We also know that people are using their phone more and more for everything. So that offer made sense for me from the beginning.

Now ... I must say that I was impressed by Tom's team. You get a questionnaire where you choose some options for your app (color, name, rewards options etc)
The process is pretty straightforward. And then about 48 hours later, you got your app.
They don't only sell the app and admin but the package comes with some guides and this is very useful. I already knew some stuff but if you have never been in this kind of biz, it will be very useful for you. And I always learn something even if I think I know.

The app is simple but it does the job perfectly.
The admin part is good but once i got my app launched and had success with it, i saw the limitation of it. Everything in one page: too slow to load everything. But i was told that V2 will bring a better admin part. So that's a good news.

This is very competitive niche but with work it is more than possible to make money.

Here is my earnings with adscendmedia for this month and last month:
[Image: chris-screenshot.png]

Those are real earnings. Made only with the app.

So yes it is possible to make money. You also need to work on it. Won't happen if you do nothing.

So App is good but i hear v2 will have more options so thats' a good news because there was a need for more features.
Admin is good but will be better with v2.

This is really a neat way to start your own business in the hottest niche possible. Support is also very important and Tom's team are there to help if needed.

Spot is always limited so make up your mind as fast as possible. Go in or not but decide today.

Quote:I had left a review earlier on this thread for version 1 of PTT. But now that I have started making more money with it, I thought I'd give an update on my earnings.

I have been Tom's customer for a long time. In the past I've bought a number of his earlier products - AppyGen affiliate edition, AppyGen V5 and PTT App version1. The quality of his products never ceases to amaze me. In a forum where everybody pretends to be a guru and many people tend to sell rehashed ebooks and courses, Tom's products clearly stand out for their quality, ease of use and great support.

I am especially impressed by PTT - business in a box App. Tom and his team guided me step by step through everything - the App layout, color scheme, CPA network application process, payout settings and above all marketing the app. He gave me a detailed and easy to follow marketing & ranking plan that has helped me tremendously in getting my App ranking up on the Playstore.

He is also available to support you one-on-one when you get stuck.
Here's a screenshot of how my earnings look like as of now.

I am sure this will keep going up as I keep working on how to rank my App better and connect more with my users.

My advice is to go for this opportunity (I've already picked up Version 2)..

This is the real deal - a solid done-for-you business with unbeatable support.



This has been the best experience with a WSO I have ever had

and believe me when I say that I have bought a lot of WSO. This has hands down started earning me money the first day of the launch of the App. Tom and his team are really professional and is always there for you.
When you have any questions at all they are there to take you by the hand and actually work with you. Unlike others this is truly a legitimate business. I am going to say that if a spot is available that you jump in this ASAP!

I have already earned $70 in just days all on auto pilot baby

Buy with confidence when a spot is available

Quote:It's been 2 months guys and I would like to share my 1st Network payment:
[Image: kHkLO9Gm.jpg]
Right now already have 9 networks in order to cater for more users. Currently I have over 5k+ downloads. My daily downloads now is from 80-100/day.
My earnings to one of the new network (within a week only)
[Image: PxsaITOm.jpg]
This is really a solid business. In case Tom open for more slots, make sure to hop in.

Quote: must say I am very impressed with both the product, and the support that Tom and his team provides.
I purchased this product because, as a customer of Appygen, I already knew about the high level of quality of Tom's products.

The product is 100% newbie friendly and the best way (in my experience) to earn a hands-free income online. I've been into IM for a few years now and have bought a lot of WSOs. In my experience, most of the WSOs out there are rehashed junk (just look at the number of products out there that promise to teach you to make your own "high quality" IM product in the next few minutes by copying other people's products.) I am sure a lot of you would have had similar experiences.

This product has been a totally different experience for me (in a positive way).
Tom takes you by hand, step by step and helps you establish a solid business.

First he sends you detailed questionnaires to capture your customization requirements.

He then guides you on everything from signing on to a CPA network, to publishing your App on the playstore. He also gives you a solid marketing plan to help rank your app on the playstore and get maximum downloads.

Till date I have had more than 4500 installs for my App and the best thing is, the income has been steadily increasing

I would highly recommend this product to anybody who is trying to build a solid business online


I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first this morning...but now after talking with Tom on Skype (prior to investing) virtually all morning long has really relieved the stress.
Skeptical because dropping anything over $200 is an investment, and thinking if you'll make your money back at all (like other courses and DFY products in a box) and then some.

And now that I have some skin in the game and invested in this service, I believe it was a great investment.
Who doesn't want to believe in, "If he can do it so can I" and having the slightest thought of success will drive anyone to want to try it at least.

If you can afford to invest in this business...Do It!

I've bought courses (expensive ones) and software's (even more expensive ones) and DFY products (even more expensive ones), but this really is a no brainier.

So, seeing a return on my investment back in the next 30 days, if not sooner, is great! Seeing more than what was invested back in any type of fold is even better and what's expected.
I will say, that when Tom says he will help you, keep in touch via Skype: this is nothing further from the truth.

He's been fantastic. Has done everything he said he will do and more.
I'd jump on this, if you are reading this before the doors close because this will be easily the best investment made this year.

Quote:I just wanted to chime in on my experience with Tom and the done-for-you business. Support is top notch and just about every time I have a question he's available on Skype more than willing to help. To be honest, I didn't really want to post my overall experience here because I figured if I did then everyone will get involve with this opportunity which can lead to market saturation.

Nonetheless, I finally have my first app on the Google play store and its all because of Tom and his team. I really hope he shut the doors on this opportunity soon so the people who got in early can profit and dominate. BUT if he decides to let a few more in, I highly recommend to not sit on the fence and jump on the opportunity.

Btw, I am in no way paid to leave this testimony, I'm just giving respect where respect is due.

Quote:I was fortunate enough to be on the first group who invested in this opportunity. Tom's support is great and he's always available for questions and updates about your apps development.

His team is very open to changes and the app look awesome. This is really a business in a box solution.

If you're hesitant about joining, don't be
. The market is wide open, so saturation isn't an issue at this point.

This business could be a real life changer.

Quote:This is a non incentivized Review of Tom's work and his app Paid to Tap Business in a Box.

I get the privilege to communicate with Tom on a regular basis since Appygen. I didn't wait when he released this product for purchase. I paid just like everyone else does which is what makes this non incentivized.

This app is an automated income generating system that would impress anyone who knows enough to invest in an opportunity when it comes along.

The app is customized to your specifications based on a questionnaire that Tom will send you. Once you have completed the required 2 step questionnaire process then they begin creating your app.

After this you will begin testing all the features to make sure everything works according to the plan of development.

Tom and his team work hard to produce for you a automated cash generating app.

It is a wise investment for you to make money via mobile app and cpa networks.

You should get in while there is still a spot available.

Only 20 Spots available



For a limited time, Get an extra $100 OFF by using the coupon : 100COUPON

Hi, your Marketplace thread is approved and live now. All the best

Are there any OTOís or upsells?
Nope! We'll provide everything you need to succeed online.

How long will it take you to get my business ready ?
Less than 48 hours.

How much else do I need to invest ?
Google Play store account - One time payment of $25( Required )
Specific Cloud Hosting - $5/Month ( Required )

How much money can I make ?
There is no objective way to answer this question, but there is a way to do an
educated guess by calculating how much money you can make from each user of your
See question below.

How much money do I make from each user of my app ?
Assuming a typical user would complete at least 3 offers in a day.
Let's make each of those offer's payout an average of $1.20.
3 * $1.20 = $3.60
Minus the $0.20 commission for your user, on each offer.
3 * $0.20 = $0.60

For each average user of your app, you should make 3$/Day.

How many users download and install my app per day ?
If you follow our marketing plan to the letter, that number will grow everyday.
A realistic objective to shoot for is 100 new users per day.
I'll let you do the math.


PM'd you about this. Please answer as soon as you can.

Very interested
(03-23-2017, 05:51 PM)DEADZ Wrote: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.PM'd you about this. Please answer as soon as you can.

Very interested

Thank you for the interest, sorry I couldn't answer earlier. Will do right away.

Only 10 copies remaining.
Hey there

is this the plan for lifetime app builder on your site

or is it a standalone app just for gpt app?

i will take a copy if so
(03-26-2017, 04:31 PM)pariscraze Wrote: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.Hey there

is this the plan for lifetime app builder on your site

or is it a standalone app just for gpt app?

i will take a copy if so

This has nothing to do with the AppyGEN app builder. It's a separate/standalone product.
Hello i have PM'd you please check and answer.......................
Looks very promising ive seen appygen.net but did not take action .this post is very promising though
The next piece of software you release,COUNT ME IN!

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