PayPal Permanently Limited? What Are My Options?
I have been limited permanently by PayPal for unusual account activity just recently. Considering it is PayPal, they never tell you the exact reason why they limit me. I tried calling them, but they kept giving me the run around and stating unusual activity when in fact nothing of my transactions or activity differed at all.

Now my question is, is it possible to ever use PayPal again? Has anyone got a permanently limited PayPal reinstated?
Has anyone been able to create a new account without being limited?

I mean I found this: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites. and it says you can create a new account, but am afraid if I get caught, I am stuck in the same position.

Any help would be appreciated.
When it happened to me I just created a new account. Paypal's unfair actions defy explanation at times, as they can limit you even if you are 100% clean, but someone else commits fraud and buys from you. It's stupid.
1. You can contact them, be professional when you talk about your current issue with them.
2. Forget Paypal and go for Stripe, I understand many guys working online are going for that option.
When paypal limited without reason i think the best you should wait 180 days to withdraw your money before you should creat a new account Smile

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