Earn 100Dollar a day per Ref !
Hello !
we have a new app to Earn Money from Mobile phone ! It's too easy just by inviting People to sign up !
Everyone signed up by you Ref , you'll earn 1Dollar and he'll earn 0.5Dollar
What are you waiting ?
Download app here : Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.
Or From Play Store
The Prove :
[Image: 19389845_1307938849321727_367805115_n.jp...e=594B1E49]
How to signed up :
First Step : Just like other apps , you'll open the app and then sign up by FB or GOOGLE or Email !
Secon Step : you'll be in next page : write birth year and code of Refferal ro win 0.5Dollar !
My Refferal Code : y8woeg
After you finished , Start sharing your Refferal code everywhere and get Money !
I hope you like it
Thanks For your Time Smile Smile;):D
Changed to direct link as we dont allow shorteners here, and thread moved to ref section...

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