Free 0.01 btc limited time available!
Found this new method to easily get around ~0.01 BTC worth of new crypto for free.
Go here and sign up:

You'll receive an email usually within 24 hours with an invite code and a download of their wallet. This code will give you another 10 LBC.

Download and install wallet, confirm email, and finish everything up... another 10 LBC

Now you have 30 LBC..

Now you can go to Poloniex... 1 LBC = ~0.00035898 BTC

30 of them comes out to around 0.01 BTC...

You also get 2.5 LBC per referral which is around $2.5
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Yes easily get around ~0.01 BTC. i register this but not your link, and i waited 5 days, no email invite code Smile
Are you sure the site works , its not even loading up to anything ....or maybe its just me ?
This worked last year.
now it is not working anymore...

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