Solving Spam Problems on an E-Commerce

According to Moz, I have the following problems with Spam on my e-commerce:

✓ Low MozTrust or MozRank Score
The site link profile is not trustworthy.

✓ Large Site with Few Links
We found very few sites linking to this site, considering its size.

✓ Ratio of Followed to Nofollowed Domains
The ratio of followed to nofollowed domains linking to this subdomain is outside the normal
range of others in our index.

✓ Small Proportion of Branded Links
Links to this subdomain have low amounts of branded anchor text.

✓ Thin Content
A subset of pages within this subdomain have little content.

✓ Low Number of Pages Found
Crawl only gets a valid response to a small number of pages.

I was chocked when I saw a score of 7/17 on Moz Open Site Explorer. But I am already taking some actions to change this. Here are some data and more info:

Low Moz Trust and Moz Score: I have a MozRank of 4,04 and a MozTrust 4,02. Is this really bad? Because one of my competitors has 10x the number of access than I have and their score are 5 for both rankings.

Large Site with Few Links: I have 2.3k External Links and my competitor that is 10x bigger than me has 2.5k External Links.

Ratio of Followed to Nofollowed Domains: all my competitors have almost 10% of No Follow Links and all my links are Do Follow. I've started to build partnerships and ask for bloggers to put links with No Follow tag.

Ratio of Followed to Nofollowed Subdomains: same as the above.

Small Proportion of Branded Links: will look for links opportunities to put the name of my store. That's the way to solve this, right?

Thin Content: as I have an e-commerce, should I wrote more details on my landing pages and product pages?

Low Number of Pages Found: I do not have any warning on Google Webmaster telling me that my pages aren't being crawled correctly.

So, basically what I am doing is searching for Backlinks Opportunities mostly in posts (to have more relevance). I was wondering in doing Backlinks in the Sidebar with No Follow tag to have a increase in the number of No Follow tags.

Please, give me advice on this! I am really scared in being penalized!

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