How To Get 2000-3000 Organic Traffic Per Day
We see that some bloggers have already written 350-400 articles and most of these articles are high quality. But they don't get enough traffic. They are getting only 200-300 per day.
But many bloggers have only 50-100 articles. They are getting enough traffic 2000-3000 visitors and most of them are search traffic.
Why does this happen? Do you know?
You have 300 articles so you have 300 focus keywords. If most of the keywords are highly competitive. These keywords can not rank in Google first pages beating the strong competitors. So after writing a great article, you have no chance to get a single organic visitor for your post. So all your efforts will go in vain. You only get social media traffic that is not enough for you.

But who has only 100 articles and getting enough search engines traffic from the beginning without any backlinks. He has selected all the perfect keywords. All these keywords have minimum searches but the very low competition that he ranked the first page without any backlinks.
For example, he gets only 20 organic traffic for his every blog post. So he gets 2000 organic traffic for his 100 articles.
So keywords with huge monthly searches may not perfect for you. You should give enough time for keywords research.

Thanks, Munna Hossain from Mytechgoal.
The idea is to search long tail keywords with few searches but with little competition??
(06-30-2017, 10:13 PM)candeman01 Wrote: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.The idea is to search long tail keywords with few searches but with little competition??

The idea is to find the right focus keywords (single keyword or long tail) - related content depends on your niche. WIth low competition and good number of monthly searches / 500-1000.

Make content and rank those posts, so you could generate traffic from that posts with low number of searches.. but scaling up and making more posts will result with good number of traffic.

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