Need Help With Youtube
Hi all?

I have one question,

Someone tell me best keyword research process for youtube to find keywords had low competition and medium searches in month?
I'm newbie and researched for that but I feel confused.

I don't know keyword in google search and youtube search are same or not(search volume, competition...) because most free tools in internet show me keyword of google search.

Any suggest? Very Appreciate that.
There are some tools available to do KW research for YT... is one of the best. If you do'n't want to pay just go for manual research.

Search for you KW on YT --> filter with a timeline (say 1 year) --> get top 10 videos details (views/like/sub/comments etc.) --> calculate average --> you can do it easily with an excel sheet to get your own KW difficulty score .

One day I'll write a detailed guide on this.

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