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1) Sign up at Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.. They will send small amounts of BTC and some other coins to your account every day.

2) Refer people to your account so that you get their share in your account every day.

3) Try your own method to get the referrers. When you hit 2500 referrers you will earn more than 1BTC per week.

4) It is quite a hefty work. But it pays in the end.
[Image: tIob3m5.png]
[Image: H3bnabA]
No body is gonna use points for something with less description , you got to explain what it is 1st then people will unlock
Yet another "Genius" locking a referral link and the "method" itself is just "Try your own method to get the referrers". SMH

Lock removed and thread moved to the ref section where it belongs.

This was not a proper share that deserves locking!!!!
So i only register, confirm and after i will recieve bitcoin everyday?

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