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Maximize your profits with our newest offers in the Sweepstakes category:

*[MOB+WEB] Armani SOI /ES, Payout: 0,80€ 
*[MOB+WEB] Worldcup SOI /ES, Payout: 0,80€
*[MOB+WEB] Apple Gift SOI /TW, Payout: 0,20€
*[MOB+WEB] Amazon Voucher SOI /NZ, Payout: $1.75

Looking for another geo? Contact our AMs tanya.adtrafico, kate.adtrafico and jaroslav.adtrafico and we’ll be glad to help you select the best offers for your traffic.
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Boost your ROI with our top performing Sweepstakes offers!

*[MOB+WEB] iPhone X /DE, Payout: €2.30, EPC: $0.29, CR: 9.2%
*[MOB+WEB] iPhone X DOI /AT/DE/CH, Payout: €3.05, EPC: $0.29, CR: 7.0%
*[MOB+WEB] SC - iPhone X /FI, Payout: $32.00, EPC: $1.07, CR: 3.0%
*[MOB+WEB] SA - iPhone X SOI /IT, Payout: €1.45, EPC: $0.16, CR: 8.4%
*[MOB+WEB] ICA Supermarket Vouchers /SE, Payout: $34.40,EPC: $0.49, CR: 1.2%
This week we’re highlighting our newest offers for the beloved Tier-1 GEOs. Check out our freshest Mobile offers below:
  • *[MOB] Рrоn Truam 2 click /AT [A1, Drei, T-mobile], Payout: $16.00
    *[MOB] YouNews 2 click /IT [Wind, H3G], Payout: $4.00
    *[MOB] Solo18 2 click /IT [All carriers], Payout: $4.10
    *[MOB] JuicyGames 2 click /BE [Proximous], Payout: $9.70
[Image: YI26KHf.png]

If you work with a wide range of GEOs, our Mobile category has what you need, with many interesting offers in Tier-1 and beyond!

*[MOB] Super Card Pin submit /GR [All carriers], Payout: €6.40, EPC: $0.35, CR: 3.9%
*[MOB] Win iPhone X MO /KE [Safaricom, Airtel], Payout: $1.75, EPC: $0.03, CR: 1.9%
*[MOB] Scan Android MO /ME [All Carriers], Payout: €0.50, EPC: $0.02, CR: 4.3%
*[MOB] Sunny Games 1 click /BY [Life], Payout: $0.14, EPC: $0.01, CR: 13.3%
*[MOB] Warning Android MO /EE [All carriers], Payout: €1.15, EPC: $0.02, CR: 1.3%
Today in Eastern Europe, men are scrambling to find a gift for International Women’s Day. Our guess? Guys in the UK, NZ, AU  and CA just want to win an iPhone for themselves! Check our international Sweepstakes offers below:

  • *[MOB+WEB] Alphalam - Samsung S9 SOI /UK, Payout: 1,30€  
    *[MOB+WEB] Zalinco Samsung Galaxy S9 SOI /NZ, Payout: 0,85€
    *[MOB+WEB] Zalinco Samsung Galaxy S9 SOI /AU, Payout: 2,80€
    *[MOB+WEB] Zalinco Samsung Galaxy S9 SOI /CA, Payout: 0,45€
[Image: Pcfwpup.png]

Take a look at our marvellous top offers for Sweepstakes category:

*[MOB+WEB] SC - iPhone X /FR, Payout: $20.00, EPC: $0.49, CR: 2.1%
*[MOB+WEB] S&P - Walmart $1000 Cyber Monday Theme SOI /US, Payout: $2.45, EPC: $0.22, CR: 8.1%
*[MOB+WEB] S&P - Amazon $1000 Summer SOI /US, Payout: $2.45, EPC: $0.17, CR: 6.5%
*[MOB+WEB] iPhone X /DE, Payout: €2.30, EPC: $0.21, CR: 6.7%
*[MOB+WEB] Quiztionnaire - iPhone X Bravo SOI /AU, Payout: $3.35, EPC: $0.38, CR: 9.4%

Don't miss the chance to grow your ROI!
Great news! New CC Submit offers for Sweepstakes category with high payouts are now available at Adtrafico! This time we’re even covering rare GEOs, like Latam, India and Russia! Check it out below:

• [MOB+WEB] Ebooki - iPhone X /Latam, Payout: $5.60

[Image: ZLK9xuQ.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Organizejobs - Carrito /Latam, Payout: $5.10

[Image: nDuMC8n.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Radiuniverse - iPhone X /IN, Payout: $16.20

[Image: MzQNxSu.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Radiuniverse - iPhone X /RU, Payout: $16.20 

[Image: 7VJmvJA.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Ebooki - Samsung S8+ /Latam, Payout: $5.60

[Image: RgzlOF8.png]
Vulkan Casino is a traditionally high performing classic in the Casino space, which continues to perform and surprise us:

•[MOB+WEB] Vulkan /RU, Payout: $2.80, EPC: $0.60, CR: 22.3%
•[MOB+WEB] Vulkan Platinum PPS /AZ/AM/KZ/KG/MD/RU/TJ/TM/UZ, Payout: $40.00, EPC: $2.39, CR: 5.2%

Ready to try your luck, but don’t see your preferred GEO listed above? Contact our AMs in Skype to get set up with the country you need: tanya.adtrafico, jaroslav.adtrafico, kate.adtrafico.

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