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Adscend Media | Weekly Payments | Content/Link/File Locking | Offer Walls
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Hey all,

I want to introduce Adscend Media to those of you who are not aware of us already. We have been in business since 2009 and are headquartered in Austin, TX. We have a team of 15 working extremely hard everyday to deliver high earnings period to our publishers. We invented both file locking & link locking as well and helped the first PPD network turn into the massive revenue generator it is today.

Solutions We Offer

AdLock - Content Locking, Link Locking, File Locking, API
AdLock is the name we use to refer to our innovative content locking technology. Within the AdLock family, we have 4 products today:
AdLock Widget – traditional content locking widget
AdLock Link – link locker
AdLock API – perfect for partners (PPD in particular) to integrate our offers into their system

And our latest product, AdLock Vault was launched on December 10th, 2014. AdLock Vault is our new innovative PPD solution. Both our widget and link will soon be adapted with the same UI as well.

AdWall, our innovative offer wall technology, allows you to generate significant revenues by providing your mobile or desktop visitors with a no-cost alternative to paying for your premium digital goods, services, or perks. In-game/app items, bonus levels, virtual currency, and account upgrades are just a few of the thousands of potential virtual reward items that you can monetize through your AdWall.

[Image: adwall_alldevices.jpg]

Why Adscend Media?

Highest EPCs: Everyone talks about the highest EPCs, but we actually have them. Most of our competitors work with other networks to broker offers, losing out on anywhere up to 30% in payout. We work with most of our advertisers directly and have many exclusive advertisers as well. Our proprietary algorithm in combination with our advertisers results in higher EPCs for you period.

Innovative Technology:
Our AdLock Vault and AdWall are examples of what you can expect from us moving forward. We have the best offer wall UI in the industry and the best PPD UI in the industry. Over the next 2 months, we are also releasing additional innovative solutions.

Highest Rated CPA Network: We have been ranked as the highest rated content locking/offer wall/incent CPA network by mThink BlueBook every year since 2012. Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.

We’ve never missed a payment: We have never a single payment in 6 years. Enough said. We pay via Paypal, ACH, wire, and Payoneer.

Unparalleled support: We have 3 publisher account managers ready to provide help and suggestions for anything you may need around the clock.

Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.
AdscendMedia was one of the early networks created alongside with CPAlead.

They've always been VERY STRICT on compliance, hence only use them if you are doing whitehat.

They always pay on time and have quality offers.

Their designs are minimalistic, but professional.
I have used this network for almost 2 yrs no complaints
Is there any tutorials or any guidance from an experience person who is working for this network to promote their campaigns.. I also heard that they are very strict in verifying leads and approving them..
Made a lot with AdscendMedia thanks for the payouts!
Rejected my application. too bad
Rejected my application too....
May I Know How Much It's Starting Range Of One Lead? How Much Will I Get For One Lead? Is it Greater Than CPALead?
If you guys get rejected from AdscendMedia, simply send them email stating what you will promote and how you will promote and ask them for reconsideration. Most of the time networks approve you, I was also rejected first then I sent them mail explaining everything and I was approved. Also you can add any of the staff members and ask them to reconsider. Fehzan Ali the owner is also very helpful, you can contact him also for getting approved
When I started doing CPA rather then PPD like almost 1 year ago Adscendmedia was the first. Good support, but bad payment terms. CR is OK Smile
Wow they are strict with their applicants!!
Anyone still earn with AdscendMedia I used to use the offers were good.
Any body have any payment proof... I need it.
[Image: adscend.png]

Earning from AdscendMedia!

They payout!

Thanks for your kind reviews.

I am biased but think we are the best in biz. We have invested significant resources in our business to build out one of the largest incentive networks in the world. Our current team today is 14 people! We have been ranked as one of the top 10 CPA Networks in the industry 5 times since 2011, most recently in January 2014 by the Bluebook. In October 2013, we were ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in the USA. Yes, we are very, very strict - we don't just talk about how strict we are, we are one of the only incentive networks with a dedicated compliance manager. We take great pride in that.

On top of all of this, we have made a commitment to revamping our network technology over the next few months dramatically. We have recently hired a full development team and only further increased our resources into offering both technology and service that will be unmatched by competitors. Over the next few months, we will launch many new changes to our network. Some of those changes have already gone into effect to lay the foundation for the next few months.
Got accepted on adscendmedia hoping to earn more from you thanks for accepting
I also heard that they are very strict in verifying leads and approving them..
AdscendMedia was one of the best networks created alongside with CPA lead.
Great network, I have used AdscendMedia for almost 5 months and They always pay on time and have quality offers
How often do you pay? Net 30? Net 15?
Very good network tons of offers but dont allow facebook traffic no more. I have earned 27k with them always paid ontime. good network

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